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img_1412Brides are always looking for a way to personalize and customize their wedding look, and a dyed crinoline is a great option.  The slip only shows when you’re “kicking up your heels”, but adds a touch of color.  I have three crinolines to offer in lovely spring-time colors.  All have adjustable waists and would probably fit a size 2-4 up to a 16 or so.  The blue and pink crinolines are brand new and offered at $55.  The vintage lime crinoline is $45.  Please feel free to ask questions at sherry_george@comcast.net.


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img_1371There has been quite a buzz about a bride choosing to use color for her shoes.  In fact, the bride can embrace the color concept and match the flowers with the shoes as done with this photo!  Go ahead and show your personality.  Have fun…it’s your big day!

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img_1181I’ll admit I can’t go to a store and not touch practically every piece of fabric or clothing there.  My mother says it began when I was a baby in my stroller when we’d go out and my little hand would reach out and grab the fabrics as we strolled by…

I’ve also had a love affair with colors, all colors — I hold no prejudice!  I’ve never seen a color I couldn’t love for some reason.  So, when the idea came up to start working with bridal fashions, it seemed very logical.  A chance to touch and deal with the best of the best!

As far as wedding colors go, my current favorites are a leafy green and Tiffany Blue.  Can’t get enough of that blue!  I even have a room in my home done in blue and cream!

Weddings give the bride and groom a chance to personalize, and color becomes a big part of that.  So, when planning your wedding, enjoy color!

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img_10942Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and the last part which we normally don’t hear, “and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

Each item has to do with good luck for the bride to have a happy marriage.  Something old represented the bride’s family and her past.  Something new was the hope for the future happiness ahead.  Something borrowed was usually something from a friend who had a happy marriage, and meant they could count on their friends, and something blue pertained to purity and fidelity.  The sixpence was to signify wealth and financial security.

When thinking of what your items will be, make sure you choose things that mean something to you.  For instance, the 1840 gold piece in the picture has been handed down to the oldest daughter in my family on her wedding day since 1868.  I was the last recipient, and my daughter will be the next “holder” this year.  This piece represents more than a century and a half of history for my family.  The other pieces such as a special piece of jewelry or maybe a hankie could be a thoughtful something borrowed (or something old for that matter!)

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A few months ago, my oldest daughter accepted her boyfriend’s proposal, and as a family, we began the journey of wedding planning.  After beginning to research options, we found great options for some aspects, and next to none for others.  Thus began my quest to start a service dedicated to helping brides (and others needing formal dresses) find fabulous prices on quality gowns.

Our budget was revised numerous times, and after doing hours and hours of research, I came up with ideas that metamorphosed into this business.  The look on my daughter’s face when she found “the dress” will forever be etched on my mind, as I’m sure many memories will over the years to come.

I’ll explore options with brand new dresses, as well as vintage pieces that can be changed into one-of-a-kind masterpieces.  It’s all about that special day and the feeling a bride has of being so beautiful and in love..

I’ll post pictures, along with measurements of the dresses I have found that are available for purchase.  If you find something in which you’re interested, contact me for an appointment, and you can visit my home studio to try on the dress of your dreams!  Or, if you’re not local, don’t let that stop you!  I have a UPS account, and I know how to use it!

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