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img_1371There has been quite a buzz about a bride choosing to use color for her shoes.  In fact, the bride can embrace the color concept and match the flowers with the shoes as done with this photo!  Go ahead and show your personality.  Have fun…it’s your big day!


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img_1181I’ll admit I can’t go to a store and not touch practically every piece of fabric or clothing there.  My mother says it began when I was a baby in my stroller when we’d go out and my little hand would reach out and grab the fabrics as we strolled by…

I’ve also had a love affair with colors, all colors — I hold no prejudice!  I’ve never seen a color I couldn’t love for some reason.  So, when the idea came up to start working with bridal fashions, it seemed very logical.  A chance to touch and deal with the best of the best!

As far as wedding colors go, my current favorites are a leafy green and Tiffany Blue.  Can’t get enough of that blue!  I even have a room in my home done in blue and cream!

Weddings give the bride and groom a chance to personalize, and color becomes a big part of that.  So, when planning your wedding, enjoy color!

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